Launch Your Freelance Freedom

  • Setup Your Lean Workstation


    Learn how to maximize productivity with a lean workstation. This course includes the principles of lean, as well as some step-by-step guides for ge...

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  • Freelance Freedom 101


    Understand how to set up a freelance career that is mobile. Work from anywhere in the world. We cover major mobile remote working topics such as...

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  • Managing Expectations 101


    Learn how to properly manage expectations with your clients. Conduct meetings, communicate value and deliver above and beyond.

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  • Personal Branding


    Learn how to craft your personal brand. Present yourself in such a way that you can get work that is fulfilling and advancing your career.

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  • Project Ideation


    Learn how to generate amazing ideas for your project. Use the power of a group setting to spark thoughts and move innovation forward.

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  • Design Fundamentals


    Learn the basics of visual design. Apply the basics to your brand and to a base project that you can use as a portfolio item for prospective clients.

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  • Mobile Freelance Fundamentals


    Learn the fundamentals of managing your freelance business remotely. Maximize efficiency and learn the best tools to manage your calendar and your ...

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  • Rails

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    Course on rails

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